Deutsche Telekom & Another Monday:  The Largest Bot-Farm Worldwide.

Sebastian Zeiss from Deutsche Telekom and Arjen van Berkum from Another Monday sat together to discuss how the application of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at Deutsche Telekom helped increase their customer satisfaction significantly.

How to increase satisfaction. For everyone.

With an average of 100 million customer interactions yearly, DT felt the urge to digitize and automate. The result: 70% of ticket-based work was taken out by RPA. With over 15 million minutes automated per month, Another Monday together with Deutsche Telekom, built the largest bot-farm worldwide. But above all, Deutsche Telekom’s employees are more satisfied with the job that they do, and their customers are a lot happier too.


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  • Why achieving RPA scale matters.
  • How to get beyond pilots or piecemeal RPA implementations.
  • Success drivers for managing automation at scale.
  • Why the usual suspects are not always the right answer.

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"We have used the process to delegate routine tasks away from our employees, so they have more time for individual customer service."
Sebastian Zeiss
Deutsche Telekom