RPA in Energy and Utilities

This Customer Success Story focuses on the collaborative implementation of Robotic Process Automation to backsource and automate processes between the utility provider Stadtwerke Neuss and Another Monday. 

For information on time and cost savings as well as on implementation details, download the case!

Automate processes across ERP-systems

No matter if you use SAP, Powercloud, Somantec or Wilken: The AM Ensemble software enables you to automate processes in all ERP-systems, relieving employees of tedious tasks and driving data quality as well as customer satisfaction across business units.


  • Automate meter changes and meter reading.
  • Alternative to outsourcing, keep full control over processes.
  • Cooperative implementation gives valuable know-how to your IT-department.

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The Key to Success: Collaboration


We at Another Monday strongly believe that every business is capable of automating processes themselves by using our automation software suite: AM Ensemble.

In cooperation with Stadtwerke Neuss, the experts of Another Monday developed a tailor-made automation solution for processing meter changes in the backoffice of the utility provider. Now, the meter changes are processed autonomously by software bots.


RPA in Energy and Utilities _ Another Monday and Stadtwerke Neuss